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Hi, I'm about to reinstall windows 7 (using advanded recovery methods). and i have two hard drives, an SSD and a HDD. i want windows 7 on my SSD, so what i am going to do is. format my HDD. turn of my computer and pull the SATA and Power Cable out of my HDD, then start my computer. so the SSD only shows up on my computer, and then reinstall windows 7 (using advanced recovery methods) on it.

what i'm wondering is there something wrong with this. If so, what should i do instead?

And Is there a much simpler way to do this? If so, what should i do instead?

NOTE: i want the HDD to be empty (that's why i'm formating it first).
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    There's nothing wrong with doing it that way at all, at least it's safe. Accidentally installing Windows on the wrong drive and having to do it all over again wouldn't be fun. The Windows 7 installer does do a good job of showing which drive is which, as it lists the sizes of each drive and where they're installed (ie drive 0, drive 1 etc.) but there's nothing wrong with doing that method either. In a lot of cases, especially when troubleshooting issues, OS reinstalls are actually recommended to be done in this manner.
  2. thanks. will do it that way then!
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