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Hey guys and once again thanks for helping me out :-)

So, a few months ago my TV got wrecked(yay big dogs!:P) And i decided to buy a new monitor instead of a TV since i rarely watch any tv anymore and only used it for console gaming every now and then, and my old 19" was showing old ages and was gonna die soon. So i bought my self a new 24" and ofcourse soon after my 19" died.

Now my dilemma is i'm really in need of those two monitor screens so i can multi-task across the screens, now my plan was to buy a monitor with intergrated speakers.

So lets say i pick this one sorry its a dutch site but you'll get the idea :P

And i'll hook my WII U for example on it through HDMI will i get sound through the intergrated speakers? Because thats what i need. When i'm using it on the PC the sound will go off but this is perfect for my console games. i hope someone has some experiences with this and can help me out since i don't wanna just waste 200 euro's on something that isn't gonna work!

Thanks alot guys & girls!

~ Sin
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    The monitor has HDMI and speakers so yes it will work with your pc and Wii U
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