i can connect to a network on my mobile but i am unable to connect it on my laptop ..whenever i type the password it says inco

Trbl wd wifi
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  1. manalfaiz47 said:
    Trbl wd wifi

    Go into Network and Sharing center -> Manage Wireless networks

    Delete all old networks you can find in the list and try again, have had similar troubles for some customers.
  2. Nup it didnt solve the problem still
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    Connect yourself with a cable directly to the router and go in remove the wireless kryptation/password and try to connect to it then.

    If it works theres something with the kryptation that gives you an error while handshaking between Laptop and Rotuer.

    You can also scan your computer with Malware bytes to search malicious softwares.

    If you have an antivirus program, try do deactivate this while trying to connect aswell.
    Also check to see that you dont have to antivirus programs installed at the same time, this usually gives alot of network problems.
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