i7 3770k oc mobo and psu .. late 2013-2014 mobo and psu for gaming and oc

Okay so first off I did read lots of info on the forums but most I could find seemed out dated 2012<. I use my rig for gaming and soon live stream on twitch. I'm not looking to break records or do any crazy rendering right now so I don't need a crazy overclock I know. But I did notice a nice boost while playing dayz when overclocked to 4.4 on my i7 3770k After I oc the cpu to 4.4mhz the ram to 2133mhz and my gtx 680 to 1186mhz and like 3.3 on the gtx memory. Everything was stable with dayz but with bf4 my gpu driver crashed and had to lower the oc and everything was stable with the cpu only reaching 70c while gaming and 82 in intel burn in test .. right now my voltage is a little higher than I think I need for my oc I'll adjust tonight. My problem is with my Thermaltake frio cooler is its to big and to close to my graphic card and makes everything run a little hotter than it should while my card is in pci-e 3.0

My first question is if I move my graphics card to a pci-e 2.0 slot will it be a noticeable difference if any at all.
And that is just until I set up a custom water loop for both gpu and cpu and before I do that I want a better mobo and power supply

Second question is what mobo and psu should I get as best bang for the dollar for gaming and oc
I might go sli 2 way in the future

My current set up is
Microsoft Windows 7 (64) 
Proc-Intel core i7-3770k 3.5GHz/4.4 oc Quad-Core
Motherboard- Biostar TZ77A ATX LGA1155
Memory- G.Skill ripjaws x 8gb (2x 4gb) DDR3-2133
Hard drive- Crucial M4 256 GB 2.5 SSD
GPU- EVGA GeForce GTX 680 2GB
Power S- Corsair 650 
DVD asus drw-24b1st//dvd/cd
Case- NZXT Phantom (White) ATX Full Tower]
Cooler- Thermaltake frio 101.6 CFM
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  1. mobos for lga 1155 are getting rare now (I mean the good ones, not the budget friendly ones).


    This should suffice.

    And no, you shouldn't notice a difference when switching to gen 2.0. However, you might if it's running at x8 only.
  2. Thanks and what about psu is the one I have safe enough for 24/7 oc on my cpu,gpu,ram and soon a full custom water cooling set up
  3. It should be ok, I personally prefer 750W Corsair PSU when overclocking but that should be enough headroom.

    Actually, you did say 24/7 oc on cpu, gpu and ram + water cooling unit.


    Even though it is expensive, it is reliable and it has corsair link meaning you can monitor the voltage coming into your computer.
  4. Awesome thanks yea I just needed a good base line and I'll see what I get from there . I'm actually happy with how this cpu is overclocking and the temps with it on air cooling right now and the way the graphics card is making it hotter. So I know this cpu will oc well with a better mobo psu and water cooling .. can't wait to see how it can hold up.. I'll leave this open for the rest of the day just incase I get some more recommendations or advice
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