SSD Advice - Sandisk Extreme 2 vs Crucial MX100 vs Samsung 840 Evo

I'm struggling to choose between these three drives.

I currently have a 500GB Samsung 840 Evo as my primary drive and I'd like a second SSD, mostly due to space constraints. I won't get into it too much but I can't just add a mechanical drive for extra capacity because it will mean reintroducing HDD cages to my system

The new SSD will act as either a D drive or it will replace the existing Evo as my C drive if it's significantly faster.

It's between the:

Crucial MX100 512GB - £150
Samsung 840 Evo 500GB - £180
SanDisk Extreme 2 480GB - £190

Speed is obviously important but I'm not going to be running synthetic benchmarks on them all day so if the real world performance differences are negligible then it doesn't matter. In saying that though, the Evo should be a baseline - I wouldn't want to spend more than I spent on the Evo (£100) on a slower drive)

My main concerns are longevity, reliability and consistency

Thanks for looking
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  1. mx100 should do well
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    iceblitzed said:
    mx100 should do well

    Agreed. It doesn't have the raw speed of the 840 Evo or the Sandisk Extreme 2, but it has an amazing price advantage, and if you're going to be using the computer as a general purpose computer, you really won't go wrong with anything really made by Crucial. They're quick, rock-solid drives (I have several of the M4's and have had ZERO problems).
  3. Yeah, I have an M500 in my laptop that's never let me down in any way. Crucial are good at what they do

    So you reckon the real world performance of the Extreme 2 doesn't justify the extra £40? What if the Price difference were reduced to £10? Would the performance gains, in your opinions, justify the cost and also the loss in capacity?
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