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why do almost all micro atc motherboards publish the ram compatibility with [oc] after the ram speed except for the last two slowest speeds does this affect anything to someone who is not overclocking the cpu I have not found any ram being sold as 1866 [oc] ram or any other [oc] advertised speeds. does this just refer to capability with over clocking and will have no effect on normal user applications. I just need a micro atx mobo preferably asus with the z87 or 97 onboard chip to fit my build the fastest corsair ram possible would be great also.
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  1. whats ur current specs
  2. iceclock said:
    whats ur current specs/ corsair obsidian 250d/asus z971-plus/I-5-4670 3.4/corsair h100-i/seasonic ss860xpz.h2

  3. so ur asking what kind of ram u can use?
  4. iceclock said:
    so ur asking what kind of ram u can use?Just trying to clairify the overclocking denotation behind all the ram speeds on the mini itx boards they have 10 or so different ram speeds all but two show [oc] behind them. when I look up ram available none of the manufacturers refer to a ram speed with [oc] in the description I know what overclocking is generally but is all this info with the motherboards just for gamers who intend to overclock a cpu to fit a specific game quality? I guess for me the question is what is the fastest ram speed for day to day operations using three monitors and some Rebit software. I already have 1866 corsair sticks but the motherboard says 1866[oc] does the cpu have to be run at higher than 3.4 MHz to get ddr3 1866ram to run at 1866 that is my the way sorry for the wrong motherboard form factor the one I have is mini itx. not micro atc that could be a very small three wheel motorbike.

  5. please write that in one sentence thanks
  6. It's telling the DRAM possibilities and the OC refers to the fact that you may need to OC the CPU a bit to run the sticks at the given freq
  7. alright thanks :)
  8. No worries ;)
  9. will the corsair vengeance 16gb ram ddr3 1866 run at 1866 without overclocking the cpu
  10. Best answer
    Most 4670's can prob carry 1866 straight up with no problem, if any stability problems occur, simply raise the DRAM voltage + 0.05
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