Question about running a monitor at something other than native resolution

I currently have a 23 inch IPS panel Dell monitor that is slightly higher than 1080p native resolution (something like 2050x1120).

My question is will a 23 inch IPS panel with 1080p native resolution look better than my 23 inch IPS panel running at 1080p (not native)?

The reason I ask this is because I just purchased a PS4 and was thinking about hooking it up to my "newer" monitor (rather than my "older" 1080p tv).
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    If you have it set to stretch to cover the screen, it'll look worse since a single pixel is blended over multiple pixels. Things can be blurry. Although since it's higher res, if you don't stretch it, it can just run 1080p with black bars around. But that would make it smaller than 23".
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