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Hi everyone, I've just received my new R9 270 and I've been playing around with the clocks,
now my question is, if i don't touch the voltage and only overclock the core and memory could this potentially damage my card if i push them too far?
I've managed to overclock it on stock voltage quite well and gained about 5-8 fps, but just wanted to make sure i can't damage my card if i haven't increased the volts, it's running stable no graphical artifacts etc.

Sorry if this is a stupid question :P

EDIT: Also temps are fine
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    Well any overclock has the potential to damage a card, but without touching voltage i doubt you have anything at all to worry about. If the card can overclock without extra power (aka heat), then you're just taking advantage of some headroom and maybe some conservative clocks by the manufacture.

    If the card starts to show artifacts or throws you to a BS, then I'd clock it back down. I've ran a card OC'ed for a few years that failed prematurely (no voltage increase), but again, there's no way of knowing whether it was the result of the clock increase or not.

    The rule of thumb is: Don't OC if you don't need the extra FP. If you're playing your favorite games on max settings around 40+ FPS, then i would wait to OC. Wait until you start playing games where the 5-8 makes a different, then you can afford the risk imo.
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