What size is my dell inspiron 660 motherboard?

I have a dell inspiron 660, not stock as I have been upgrading it. But what size is the motherboard classified as? Because I am wanting to put the components into a new case and cannot find a size anywhere

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  1. Micro atx. Make sure you know the pin layout for the front panel connections before removing them.
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    I forgot that being dell you got to look to be sure its not a dell lay out board and there holes for mounting my not be the same as a standard board also back panel may differ as in they can use a Proprietary Form Factor

    sorry I cant help you any more seing dell don't show this info on there site..
  3. They stopped using proprietary form factors after core 2 models, so anything newer is standard stuff. You can find the mobo info in the manual.
  4. Having looked at the specifications, I have found that it is the right hight, thinner than mATX, and has holes that seem to be in the right place. Thanks very much
  5. it pays to be sure before you order I thought I had a tracked thread of a guy how had this going on and found a picture of hid board and the 2 holes I front of the pci slots were not the same as a standard board this was like a few months ago so I thought I would bring that up here
  6. I assume this is your board ?? s1156, XFWHV but I cant find out much on it
  7. Yes that is the board, I think the holes are in the right place, most of the hole placements in the specs are present on the board
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