Will my PSU accommodate a new GPU I bought but stupidly didn't read the fine print on?

I recently picked up the ASUS GTX 760 Superclocked and I read the fine print as far as the size of the card is concerned so that I knew it would both fit in my case and in the new mobo that I just recently bought (enter "ho damn my system is old and it's cheaper to buy upgrades than a new system" stage left). However I failed to read the power specifications on it:

"500 watt or greater power supply with a minimum of 30 amps on the +12 volt rail."

Now I've got a slightly older EarthWatts 750W supply, but it only has 25A on the +12v rail. However, this supply has four +12v rails:

So since it was four rails at 25A a piece will it be able to power the 760 or am I going to have to start pricing a higher railed PSU?
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    It should be enough, use two separate cables from the PSU for the same GPU just to be sure, that should divide the load between the rails.
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