Is this a good first build? Could any changes be made? Any improvements?

I am building my first gaming pc and I'm going to be using it for gaming, streaming, and video editing. I want the best bang for my buck so I tried to pick the best parts of my price range of max $1700. I did include a keyboard and mouse in there. I still don't know if I'm missing any parts, if I am correct me on the part(s). Excited to read your replys :)

Edit:feeling like an idiot for forgetting to put the parts.
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  1. Can we have the parts list please?
  2. Yes, parts please. :)
  3. Right off the bat if your going to spend that amount of money I would immediately upgrade the GPU to a 780 or a R9 290
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    If you don't plan on having an SLI system, get an xfx 650w psu.

    Another thing is that you can just go with a 1TB storage drive and then put extra moeny onto the graphics card where you can get an r9 280x. Or if you want to push the price more toward maximum of your budget, you can try and go for an r9 290 or something.
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