how do i change fan speed when plugged into mobo

hi all, i have an asus z77 sabertooth and i have three fans plugged into it, question is, two fans are pwm, one is three pin, how can i set fan speed with these, should i set from bios? any tips, oh and there corsair fans mounted to a radiator.
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  1. Download AI SuiteII from ASUS site under utilities.

    It has FanXpert:
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Download AI SuiteII.

    Oh i have it but it doesnt allow you to change rpm, fan xpert does but the sabertooth z77 doesnt work with it.
  3. What windows you run?
  4. Windows 7 64bit
  5. So i downloaded speefan but how do i use it? I havnt found a way to set rpm, is there maybe a guide?
  7. thanks guy's, but i was just looking at speedfan's website and it looks like the sabertooth z77 isn't supported, is this accurate? and if so is there something else to try?
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