help pc quit

my pc quit i came home the other day and the fuse had been triped where it was but when i started it did not start the fan did not turn on so i tryed another power supply and still no power

ps it is a hp pavilion with windows vista i think it was bought in 2010

pss i tryed to get data off of harddrive on another pc it did not recanize it there is important data on it. is there anywhy to save it
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  1. Have you tried plugging the computer into another outlet? Did you reset the fuse in the power strip/breaker?

    How were you connecting the hard drive to the other computer? USB? SATA? The data isn't lost, the worst possible case the PCB on the hard drive shorted out and it can get replaced to recover the data unless it is an SSD.
  2. yes i have tryed hooking it up to other outlets that i know work still no power
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    It sounds like the power supply is bad.

    You didn't answer my question regarding the hard drive though.
  4. it is a hhd thanks
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