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I don't have a T/T at present but I am looking at getting one in the near future.

The center of my system is a Pioneer VSX-322 AVR although I do have Mitsubishi M-P04 Preamp and M-A04 Power Amp which are only being used to run SB speakers from the Pre-Out on the AVR. I don't really need the SB speakers so will probably do away with these and utilise the Mitsi gear for the T/T.

Opinions would be appreciated on the following -
Should I connect the T/T directly to Mitsi gear and its own speakers? or,
Should i connect the T/T to the Mitsi Preamp, then to the Pioneer AVR (selecting Drect Sound / Stereo) and the HT speakers?

In the context of this particular discussion, the speakers being used are not particularly relevant as they can be swapped around to suit.
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  1. It will be fine to connect the TT to the Mitsi and then to the AVR.

    A third option is to get a phono preamp and connect that directly to the AVR.

    What TTs are you considering? There are some great new and used ones out there.

    be seeing you, the Prisoner...
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    If your priority is getting the best sound for music I would connect the TT to the Mitsu stack with the best speakers connected to it. You can go from the Mitsu to the Pioneer but making the signal path longer will not improve things. You could also hook the tape record out of the Mitsu to the Pioneer if you prefer to use the TT with both systems.
  3. Americanaudio I agree, that is why I stated the third option of a phono pre amp. He is using a HT speakers so his level of quality speakers may not be that good. For analog, the shortest direct path is best but if he doesn't have a pair of decent 2.0 speakers or TT, probably a moot point.

    And I should of pointed out in terms of driving speakers, use the Mitsi amp to drive your front mains. It's probably much much better then the AVR amps.
  4. Thanks for your answers. As a test for audio only I connected my laptop containing my digitised music collection directly to the Mitsi and then swapped speakers around until I got the best sound.
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