What will be my GPU temperature with more 3 fans under it?

I have gtx 660 OC 2GB DDR5, my idle temp is 45°C and when it's in full load it's around 69°C, it's never over 69°C. I bought more 3 fans. Sorry because of my bad English. Do you know what will be my temp with this:

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  1. Is this hot for my GPU on full load? :)
  2. your GPU is fine. more fans = more noise, unless you can reduce the speed of other fans in your case.

    Personally, I have 5 case fans, all on lowest speed, so I can barely hear them.
  3. Thanks :) I just want to know what will be my temp with these 3 more fans because it's now on full load 69°C
  4. When will I get lower temp with these 3 fans or if i reapply new thermal paste :) ?
  5. Please tell me when will i get lower temp, with these 3 fans or with reapply new thermal paste?
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