Event 41 Kernal Power???

Hi everyone, I have a serious problem I can't diagnose. Part list below:

CPU: Intel i7 4770K (stock fan) MoBo: Asus Z87-Pro PSU: Seasonic SS-1000XP GPU: 2x Asus GeForce GTX 760s in SLI (down to 1) RAM: 32Gb GSkill RipjawsZ (4x8Gb) DDR3 2400mhz (down to 16Gb) HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2T SSD: Corsair Neutron GTX 240Gb OS: Windows 8.1
In order:

I recently bought all the parts for a good gaming system and had a good friend of mine build it for me. When I got my machine home and began installing my first game, my system blue screened about 20 minutes in. Error code: WHEA Uncorrectable Error.
The first time I assumed I would have some sort of info on why I crashed upon restart, but nothing came up. I checked the event log to find: Event 41 Kernal Power
Because I really wanted to play my game, I put up with the frequent restarting for a couple days. Playing around with resolutions to see if it crashed sooner when it was cranked up or with a busy screen and what not. It was kind of inconsistent. Sometimes it would crash within minutes, other times it would run for an hour. Sometimes it would even crash idling.

My only guess left is that it's CPU related. While in my game on high resolution, my CPU hits 58C (highest I saw, never saw right before a crash) I tried what worked for other people with similar problems to no avail. All drivers are up to date, I re-flashed bios, even re-installed OS and started totally over with half the RAM and 1 GPU. Although, it is slightly more stable I think now with those parts out (been downloading ESO for an hour or 2 as I'm writing this without a crash) it's still crashed 5 times since re-installing OS. I'm out of ideas, plan on taking it to a shop with proper diagnosis equipment as soon as work allows me some time but is there any other suggestions you guys can give me? Anything and everything is very much appreciated!
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    WHEA Uncorrectable Error. is a bugcheck produced directly by the CPU.
    most often because the memory controller built into the CPU detected a cache memory error in one of its memory banks.

    the most common reason for the cache memory error is due to incorrect overclocking the CPU, or incorrect voltages/ clock frequencys set in the BIOS.
    (assuming the CPU is not overheating)

    normally, you would want to update your BIOS, do not overclock anything.
    (turn off any automatic overclocking) and see if you get the bugcheck. if you still get the bugcheck, you have to start looking at the actual voltage settings and clock frequencies set in the BIOS and the values depend on the CPU and the true values often depend on the motherboard and powersupply so you might have to increase or decrease them or pop in another power supply.

    best to start with a BIOS update with default values and see if you still bugcheck and go from there.
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