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A bit of pretext, I have a pretty powerful desktop computer and I am getting a laptop for portability. What I want to do is use the laptop as a remote/client and put most if not all hard work on my desktop."Hard work" is running code (required to run on a gpu or that requires more than 4g of ram), high res video playback, and other things that are just not possible without somewhat high-end hardware. As far as the hardware set up; the desktop will be wired, laptop will be on WiFi (unfortunately it doesn't come with an ethernet port...), and the router is fancy so it has 2.5/5ghz and all the new standards.

Some solutions I have been able to find so far: RDP/VNC/SSH server solutions. I was wondering if there are better ways of going about this in linux.

Thank you in advance for your input.
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  1. Sure you can ssh into your desktop to run matlab code or whatever... Any modern laptop will support hardware acceleration of 'hires' videos (H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4).
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    I understand that Chrome has added Remote Desktop functionality. Install Chrome on both machines with the extension. Then as long as the desktop is left on and connected to the internet you can access it remotely using the laptop.
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