Need help Transfering files via Crossover cable

So i have a laptop, "Beast" that i have had for nearly 2 years, and a desktop I just finished building, "Beauty".

So I have some files on beast i want to transfer to beauty before i take beast in to be serviced by geek squad. mostly just some video files, documents, and photos. I do have flash drive but I really want to be able to transfer directly, for reference. So i bought a crossover cable and plugged it in. seemed simple, just open windows explorer and click and drag files from one computer to the other. but i am getting issues, saying i dont have permission to transfer the files, so i tried getting on the desktop (beauty), but it wont let me open beast, it says i need permission, but it doesnt ask for a password or tell me how to give this permission?
I am running the same version of windows (windows 7) on both, and I am in the admin account on both.

I am not sure where the issue is or even if it will work.
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  1. Might be easier to transfer the files over your homes wireless network if you have one. Do you?
  2. I do, But that looked even more complicated, as even though they are right next to each other they wont connect in a steady way, and sometimes my laptop wont even let me make a network map, but they are in the same home group with all sharing options open, i just dont know how to get them to share
  3. It is also worth mentioning these are big data transfers. like 15-20 GB of data, hence why i wanted the faster connection. not the usb, its quick onto my desktop but slow as christmas from my laptop to my flash drive
  4. Are you trying to copy the files from your user/pictures folder?
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