FX8350 hangs up in Windows 7 64bit

Fresh install Windows 7 64 bit upgrade from Vista.

AMD Phenom II 1055T X6 OC to 3.8ghz using ZALMAN CNPS9900MAX-B cooler
MSI 890FXA-g65
Gskills 16G ram 1600 underclocked to 1333
HD5770 card stock settings

After the fresh install of Windows 7, PC runs great and smooth. I purchased a FX8350. MSI website states it will support the FX8350 CPU. I replaced the CPU and it wont boot. I updated BIOS to current one ver 18.9. Now it recognizes the FX8350. After a few minutes the screen just freezes. After installing the FX8350 I went to bios screen and put it in safe default settings. Everything in auto NO overclocking. Temps idle at 29C and cant keep it long enough to start getting the temp readings under load. But temps are very good with the cooler I have. I reinstalled the 1055T and no issues. Back to FX8350 and it freezes. With the fresh install of windows. I went straight to the manufacturers website and installed all current drivers. Since I technically only have MOBO and Graphic card. There wasn't much to update. Is there any other setting I needed to change to make it work for the FX8350. I saw a hot fix in microsoft website but don't know if that's what I need. Could the MOBO be too old even though the BIOS is updated and MSI says its ok? Is there a setting I'm missing for switching different style CPU's?
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  1. You did update to the latest BIOS version v18.9, right? If not, I would recommend you do so. If you did and you're still encountering issues; you should be aware that once you update your BIOS, your settings are reset, hence you need to set your configurations back to the way it was.

    Firstly start your computer and go into the BIOS. Then look for the option which states "SATA Controller," "SATA Selection Mode" or anything similar. Set that to AHCI, save your settings and restart your computer. Hopefully you should be able to boot back into Windows.

    If your selection is already on AHCI, try setting it on IDE.

    Are you able to boot into Windows by the way? Or does it freeze whilst booting? After updating your BIOS, does your old processor cause the system to freeze too?

    All the best. :)
  2. BIOS version is the latest 18.9. Both 1055T and FX8350 boots just fine into windows. With the 1055T I can do anything I want and does not freeze. When switching to the FX8350 it boots just fine except the monitor flashes a couple of times but boots into windows fine. I can use it for a few minutes do anything I want to do but then freezes. Only a hard restart unlocks it. I remove the battery of the MOBO each time prior to swapping out CPUs and do safe default values. Everything is in AUTO no overclocking. I remember what my values are with the 1055T and can overclock it and still does not freeze. I was reading several posts where HWMonitor can cause hang ups on FX chips. I will uninstall it when I get home and check it out. I was using it to make sure I installed the cooler correctly and was doing its job. The cooler is not easy to install. I'll keep you posted when I check it again
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    I removed the HWMonitor and all seems to work fine now. I just tried OC. First try 4.5ghz no voltage change and its stable and windows does not freeze. Seems like I got a good OC chip. I'll see if I can join the 5ghz club
  4. Wow, it was HWMonitor which was causing the issues? Thank you for replying back and keeping us updated with the solution. I'm sure it'll help many others. :)

    Glad you got your CPU working, and with a great overclock too.

    All the best! :)
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