subsequent drop in game's fps when updated to windows 8.1!!!

so the windows prompted me to update my operating system to windows 8.1, so i updated it...before my games were working like charm on windows 8 (games like skyrim, nfs hot pursuit)..after that my windows update told me to update the graphics driver as well, so i also updated it...after restarting the pc all games that i used to play experienced quite a lag lately...before that some games were crashing to desktop like skyrim so firstly i tried to change compatibility setting to windows 8 then the game experienced lesser lag compared to previous one...but still it isn't giving awesome fps as it would give in windows 8....:(

my specs :-
intel core i5-4200U CPU @1.60GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.30GHz
windows 8.1 64-bit
HP pavilion notebook 15 PC
memory - 4096 MB RAM
Radeon (TM) HD 8670M - 1024 MB memory size

P.S. - i also enabled visualization settings in BIOS but still it didn't do that much.
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  1. i actually worked through a lot of driver releases...firstly i installed 14.4 amd driver as prescibed by amd official website...that didn't worked at all (desktop not visible).....then i went to hp website then they recommended 13.15 driver, after i installed this driver, the device manager coudn't identify my graphics card and the catalyst control center wasnt even installed...
    i have some more question reagarding to that....if i've installed only amd catalyst intall manager and not catalyst control center then would it be the reason why the device manager not showing the amd radeon card and only intel hd graphics card????

    P.S. - but when i right click to desktop, amd graphics card properties and configure switchable graphics shows up!!!!
  2. alright so here i'am right now....i've deleted the amd driver alongwith its files and registry.....
    it's completely deleted from system right now!!!!

    now i'am trying to re-install again by going to catalyst install manager, there no ccc or amd display driver is appearing on the list of install files....why is that so???i mean the packages of ccc and amd driver are already there in the driver setup directory but its cant recognize!!!!!
  3. I think nvidia released a new driver set that fixed some of the issues you were having.

    Clean install 8.1 works out really well in all honesty but you will need to wait a bit for things to become more stable
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