which motherboard to buy? Asus Z97I-PLUS vs MSI Z97I Gaming AC

Hi everyone, could anybody tell me which is the better motherboard?
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  1. both mobos are more or less the same but i will prefer asus for more quality,reliability,service.....
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    Both should feel the same for gaming performance. The Asus has a few more features, but none that will make gaming any better. Both can OC well and are ITX, WIFI boards made for small single card systems.

    More software support.
    More features like MEM OK
    Auto OC features
    Includes an M2 socket for mini SSD
    More USB ports

    Cheaper Price

    Both are very similar.
  3. where i am the msi one is more expensive actually. But how does the wifi dongle work on the asus one? the msi one just sticks out of the i/o plate
  4. im looking to use it in a HTPC but the asus one seems to use some external dongle which would take up extra space
  5. Jolow99 just watch an unboxing/test video of ASUS z97 so that you ill get an idea how things work with that board...
  6. well,both specifiactions is too similar,but msi warranty 5years,asus is 4years,and msi is cheaper than asus,so......i will choose msi..
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