Will these components fit inside this case? Is it compatible?

This is my first ever build, I don't want to make any chances or upgrades I feel this is a fine build for me. I'm going to be using this PC for gaming and would like steady FPS for games such as DayZ.

Here's my build:

Could anyone please tell me if all the components will fit inside the case? Maybe someone could suggest a better case if it doesn't work?

Does anyone know if any compartments may not work together?

I plan on ordering this very soon so help would be appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Hi RinchenT
    Yes all your components will fit in this case
    Your atx board
    Your Zotac 760
    The hyper tx3
    and your atx psu

    EDIT: The corsair cx series of psu's have low grade capacitors
    this would be a better choice and give you some headroom
  2. The Cooler Master K380 supports CPU coolers to a height of 155mm and the Cooler Master 135.93 so that'll fit
  3. Best answer
    Partpicker is SUPPOSED to check for that but I've seen it not work..
    The spec for the K380 says -
    Max VGA card length 317mm
    Max cpu cooler height 155mm

    The spec for the Zotac 760 says 267mm long so it will fit
    The spec for the Hyper TX3 says 136mm high - so it will fit too
  4. You only need a 500W psu. Get a Seasonic 520 or XFX 550 - much better quality than the CX600 which has voltage control problems and motherboard connector problems.
  5. I got 600 WATTS as it stated that GTX 760 works best with it and it's highly recommended.

    Could you link me to the Power Supply that you have said?
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