Do I need to buy any cables/etc to connect a SAMSUNG 840EVO 120GB MZ-7TE120BW to these 2 computers?

Do I need to buy any cables/etc to connect a SAMSUNG 840EVO 120GB MZ-7TE120BW to these 2 computers?

HP Pavilion 500-211el
Packard Bell Easynote TJ75

I would like to replace the HP Pavilion 3.5 HDD with the Samsung 2.5 SSD, but I don't know if the cabling will work for a 2.5 SSD?

Also I would like to replace a Packard Bell Easynote 2.5 HDD with the Samsung 2.5 SSD but I am scared it wont fit in the laptop.

The closest hardware shop is 40kms away so I must get this right the first time, but I have never bought an SSD and I am no hardware guy.

Please help me and the environment.
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  1. The same cables are used on SSDs as HDDs. So you should be right.
  2. Take the laptop with you to the store. Explain to them what you want to do, and they should help you find a SSD that fits properly.
  3. Shouldn't be any trouble putting the SSD in both computers. No need for a trip to shop. Found this for you
  4. I was under the impression that he was going to make the trip to the shop, but wanted to get everything right during the first trip so he wouldn't have to go twice. Since he was already going, it makes sense to take the laptop to make sure everything fits.
  5. It's entirely up to him, though he'd save money and the hassle of a 80km round trip by buying the SSDs online and fitting them himself. They're a standard size so space isn't gonna be a issue.
  6. Guys, I don't know how to thank you all.
    I will take the laptop with me to the shop as there is a 30 euro discount for each there and I was planning to buy 4.

    These are the desktop computer HDD cables:

    1) Will they fit in the SSD?
    2) I seem to understand the small one is called SATA and its for data transfer but is it a SATA2 or SATA3? How do I know if it's 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s?
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    The laptop wont have an issue.
    The desktop will need an SSD tray (2.5 to 3.5" adapter) plus power and data cables if the original HDD isnt going to be removed.

    Sata cables are not differentiated. A sata cable will work on sata1 drives or sata3 drives just fine.

    I cant see pics but the sata power is the black end of this:

    (the white end is a molex and extremely common in a pc)
  8. Thank you so much popatim!

    I will remove the original HDD (I will clone its content to the SSD)

    These are the pictures,His3TBz#0,His3TBz#1

    The tray is only to hold it in place right?
    I thought I would lay it on the bottom of the case LOL There is space and after all it's a desktop computer, I don't plan moving it here and there.
  9. Yes, thats fine too. Just make sure any exposed electronics doesnt touch the metal case (if there is any)
    I have two sitting on top of my dvd drive. LoL

    What are you using to clone?
  10. I was thinking of using EaseUS (read about it on LH).

    Thanks again for the cabling help.
    It's good to know I don't have to buy any cable.
    I thought there might be some difference in the plugs between 2.5SSD and 3.5HDD... I won't be dreaming about cables trolling me tonight.
  11. I meant hardware wise, You will need to have both drives attached at the same time to clone one to the other.
  12. I have a USB 3.5 HDD docking station already and I plan buying a 2.5 tomorrow for my SSDs.
    I should be able to do the cloning on my laptop ***at least that's the hope***

    I read that HP encrypts the Windows key in the BIOS now, I hope I don't have problems on that score.
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