I got a mobo that supports DDR3 1333/1600/1866/2133/2400(OC) ram. My question is...

does 2400(OC) freq can only be achieved in overclocking or i can easily reach it if i buy RAM that have 2400 freq?

Follow-up question, if t only reach through overclocking, then it means that it more convinient for me to buy a RAM with 2133 if i will not overclock my unit. Thanks in advance.
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    Just buy 2400 rated ram. Put it in the motherboard and go into bios and enable XMP. That'll get it running up to 2400 for you.
  2. Thanks a lot, i7Baby. Hmmm...

    Another question, my chipset is AMD A88X, and XMP is developed by Intel, is there any problem when i enable XMP.
    By the way, my supports XMP and AMP. Thanks again.
  3. "AMP" is AMD's version of Intel's XMP.

    Use AMP.

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