OH CRAP... ok, starting to have major problems 1st the GPU now the Audio and internet...

ok, I restarted my comp a couple days ago, then it threw up light 1 and 2, restarted, then code 1, 3 and 4, replaced my video card with an old one from my previous pc and that fixed the code problem, but now the "No Audio Output Device is Installed" message pops up when I go to the audio icon in the tray. Also, my internet is acting weird by saying all these different sites are untrusted including yahoo... and some apps that require internet says that I'm not connected when I clearly am... WTF is going on? I tried to do a few restore points to no avail... Even Norton said it was turned off...

I went from an AMD to a Nvidia GPU...
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  1. Dell XPS 420 is the PC
  2. Well, seems after doing the extreme and factory resetting the pc, it seems as though the built-in sound card still wont work, leading to my assumption that the device has a total electronic failure...
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    Did you tried to find and install latest drivers for your sound card ,Ethernet etc, it can be a mobo defect too!
  4. I did try, I reset to factory default, the sound still isnt working, its a defective mobo
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