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hi,i got a Gskill 4gb,pc3-10600,CL9,Dual channel RAM installed in my Gigabyte motherboard(G41,LGA775) with a pentuim d 945(stock),checked scores in windows 7 the score was 5.1 for the cpu and 5.3 for the RAM but when i put in a core 2 duo E7200(stock) the scores was 6.1 for the cpu and same 6.1 for the RAM.
So,my question is this that my RAM was bottlenecking by the pentuim d as the scores were less and high with the core 2 duo E7200?
Thanks for u'er time.
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    The core 2 duo allows faster ram, so with the Pentium you probably ran into a situation where the processor wasn't cable of letting the ram run a max speed.
  2. ok thanks for the answer but tell me if i plug in a core 2 quad Q9550 how much score will i get?
  3. The processor score will go up but you won't see maybe anymore than a .1 or .2 increase in the ram score. because the fsb of it is already 1333. So I really wouldn't recommend putting anymore money into to. Unless it just is a side project you probably would want to start putting money away for something newer down the road.
  4. ok thanks for the answer! really appreciate it!
  5. In large part it will depend on what you run the DRAM at - with a 9550, should (hopefully) be able to up the FSB to 1600, and that would mean might be able to OC the DRAM higher also and improve the DRAM score
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