netgear wifi extender not working with tplink router with mac filtering enabled

hello guys .
i have a tp link wr-841n wifi router at my home. i wanted to increase the range of my router so i bought a netgear wifi range extender wn3000rp.
i couldnt get wps functionality of net gear to workk with qss of tp link .so i manually set it up through web browser.
Now as i have mac filtering enabled on my tp link router, i could not use internet through my range extender but i can with the wireless mac filtering disabled?
any solution as i dont wont to disable wireless mac filtering.
and any solution of how to work on with wps on netgear extender and tp link router
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    This is the information i can get around the problem, hope it helps.

    Taken from:

    I have enabled a wireless MAC filter (wireless access control) on my router. What should I do when installing the extender?
    The wireless device MAC address is translated to another MAC address when the wireless device connects to the extender. To allow the wireless device to connect, you must add the translated MAC address into the router.

    To get the translated MAC address:
    1. Disable the MAC filter on your router.
    2. Power on the extender and connect all of your wireless devices to the extender.
    3. Make sure that the Link Rate LED remains lit.
    4. Log in to your router and check the attached devices on the Attached Devices screen. Add any MAC addresses that begin with 02:0F:B5 into your router’s MAC filter table.
  2. Thanks that worked. I have to re enter the translated mac address in the main router.
    But my netgear wps doesnt recognise tplink qss
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