Asus motherboard BIOS not working

I'm trying to access my BIOS on my ASUS K43TA laptop but for some reason i cant, i tried all the keys. anyways i decided to download the BIOS update since i did re-install windows, but when i tried downloading the ASUS BIOS Utility Winflash to install the update it says this program only supports ASUS notebooks, i searched online and found the solution of installing the ATK drivers but on the support page for my laptop there aren't any ATK drivers. has anyone had this problem? do you know a solution?
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  1. What OS?
  2. Managed to find the ATK file, i updated the BIOS and its working fine now, i wanted to try changing my fan speed because my laptop is heating up but there doesn't seem to be an option to do so in the BIOS
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