My computer is heating up so much(95°)


I searched and read threads and post for solutions, I've found several useful tips but I am confused at the same time because it came with different answers, so I might as well ask here about it. It's a common issue about temperature of the CPU and graphics card, probably more. I did not built my computer, but I'd say I did re-built it, someone else built it for me and I upgraded most of the parts except motherboard and CPU.

Intel i5-2500
Asus P8H67M-LE
16GB(2x8) RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
WD 2TB caviar black
(?)500GB backup hdd
Seasonic m12-II 750w
Thermaltake commander ms-II

Every time I play games like dead island, Left fo dead, GTA or witcher(1,2), games with good 3d graphics(not even in highest setting), my computer is heating up so much within 20 mins and an hour to cool down(I could tell from the noise). CPU is reaching 95+ degrees Celsius and around 85 for GPU. hot air is blowing out of my computer, PSU fan is very noisy(no scratching sounds or something, No, just sounds like a really noisy fan like air-conditioner). Chassi near fan is also hot that it could kill ants, that fan runs at 450RPM, which is under the normal, or in RED, base on my MB's bios.
many people has similar issue, they could fix it if different ways, some people are talking about heat sink or reapply thermal paste, I've never done those things before but I am willing to try, it's just I want to make sure first before playing around, because it'll affect my work if something went wrong. some are saying it's pretty normal, 90 degrees celsius ?. but it's bothering me, so I'll just play a game within an hour and let it cold down for several hours. no problem with 2d games though(KOF13, bastion, and other).
motherboard is not dusty, but never checked inside a CPU. MB and CPU are 2 year old, 95 degrees celsius. 85 degrees celsius for GPU, 7 months old. and 5 months old 750w power supply that produces loudest noise. cables are not in the way, I have no heat sink, motherboard is clean, so what do you think? do I need to reapply thermal paste, buy it a heat-sink, or is it normal?

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    Start with the basics.

    is the inside of your case free of dust?
    is the CPU fan working properly?
    Are all the other fans working properly?
    Is the CPU fan/heatsink tightly attached to the CPU? THere should be moo movement or visible damage or missing screws in the mount.
    What is the ambient (room) temperature where the PC is located?
    Is thea airflow around the PC clear and unobstructed?

    If all the fans are working properly, then it's possible that in your upgrade orocess you disturbed/cracked the thermal paste between the heatsink and the CPU. CLean off the ols and apply new. Be careful to apply small quantitiy and to make sure it spreads well.

    If you are overclocking the CPU, you may need a bigger CPU cooler.

    You may also need bigger/stronger/more fans to move air out of the case.
  2. "I have no heat sink"- does this mean you have no heat sink installed? If you have no heat sink, go get one now - you need one, and make sure it has thermal paste, or get some.

    I think adding a couple more fans will fix the issue. . If it takes an hour to cool down, then it seems like your case fans are barely moving any air through your case.

    The thermal paste and heat sink swap would help if the CPU was overheating. You case is holding the heat in, and until you get the inside temperature down, I don't think a new heat sink would help much.
  3. karsten75 and ss202sl, Thanks for response.

    I'll try them one by one, and see how it goes.
  4. You sirs are both correct. but I can only select 1 answer.

    I tested playing Witcher 2 in ultra high settings, but this time, with open case and lying flat. I checked the temps and is at 65° after 30 mins. warm air coming out of it, instead of hot. chassi is not as hot as before.

    So I bought some tools and blower, can't find a decent thermal paste so I got a huxiti(never heard of it before)in a very cheap price, it's the best I could find. yeah, what a crappy city/country I live in. my first time cleaning the cpu fan, heat sink and reapplying thermal paste, went good so far. put everything back the way it was and tried it. with closed case and standing, now I can get an average of 65°c tested for 45 mins and highest peak of 85°c. That makes me really happy. Thanks a lot. I'm think of adding more fans but it's noisy the way it is now. so I'll see and find out soon.
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