Monitor won't display anything (I think its my video card)

I have been using GTX 550 Ti geforce video card for about 2 months. Before that was i think a AMD Radion HD 7570 1GB HDMI / DVI Graphics card and all of the sudden when i start up my computer i get nothing on my monitors (no sound either). This happened two days ago and all i did was turn my computer off and unplug the power then press and hold the power button to release all other power then plug it back in then turned it on. But now it wont work when i do that. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Side note - I would put my specs but i don't know the exact specs or where to find them.
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  1. Okay so i was about to take my driver out and i thought... why not just one more try... so i clicked the card back in and turned my computer on... and it worked... not sure if its a full fix... since last time this happened was two days ago so still try to help me find the issue. Maybe my power supply isn't good enough
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    The GTX series are real powerhorses when it comes to PSU so that could very well be affecting it. First things you should check when theres no signal coming to the monitor are the connection to the gpu and the monitor. try using the monitor on a different computer or try using the Native On Board Connector if you have one. It usually tends to be the smaller things that cause the issue. Also it is very VERY important that your card is fully connected and not loose.
  3. This has happened to me when i bought a 9600gt ... but it got resolved by itself.... try taking out the RAM sticks and putting it back then try turning it on.... could solve the issue... whats your PSU by the way.....???
  4. How do you find out what your PSU is. Sorry i'm not that type of tech savy. I found the issue. I guess my graphics driver needed an update so that worked. I would like to know what my PSU is if you can tell me how to find out.
  5. it should have a wattage number on the side if its a professional one. if its Generic (came with the case or pre-built computer) it should say it somewhere on the white sticker located on one side of the box. The power supply is the little box bolted into your case that has the plug to the wall running to it and is basically hooked up to everything

    Good luck :)
  6. Mate,

    U could open the side cover of your CPU and let us know the brand and model of ur PSU so that we might be able to help u more....
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