How do computer repair companies install Windows 7 for so cheap?

This is kind of a strange question but I've been looking into doing a part time computer repair job to make a bit of extra money to buy a new computer as mine is slowly dying and I desperately need a new one. I have a few different questions but my main question is looking through various other computer repair posts I have seen many people offering clean installs of windows 7 for $40-$50 yet looking online just for a copy of windows 7 it costs $70. How could this possible a lucrative value for computer repair companies? Also, although this is relatively unrelated does age matter when it comes to this sort of thing. I'm only 13... Which obviously indicates a lack of experience but I figure that if I charge less than people would still be willing to go to me rather than my opposition. Is this true?
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  1. Quote:
    clean installs of windows 7 for $40-$50

    Unless they are buying licenses in bulk directly from Microsoft, those are probably not legit.

    To install using the customers existing license? Sure.
    To install a whole new license? Not a chance.
  2. That sounds to cheap, aren´t they just offering a clean installation with YOUR CURRENT windows key? Helping people to reinstall W7 to a fresh install so to say.

    Coming to your age, depending on the problem i´d might let a 13 year old fail search my computer to help that kid earn some cash. However, for more advanced problems where some special equipment is needed i would rather pay abit extra to get the job done right.
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    If you a MS refurbisher you can purchase windows 7 licenses for ~45$ each that will require you to supply an xp or vista key to enable. If you do atleast 1000 of those a month you can get the keys for even less.

    You also can get non profit and educational keys for ~5$ each but there are pretty tight requirements for that.

    So if they are charging 40$ or less you might want to report them. If they are charging 40+ then they are most likely providing atleast a legal key tho I don't know why they would be offering it at cost.


    For the ones who are offering non legal keys typically they use hackavation or the smarter ones use modified SLICs which are pretty easy to generate.

    However with the advent of Windows 8 and the new SLIC system you will see considerably less of this.

    Edit : actually for the ones doing 50$. One of the shops I help out with offers the install for 50$ but there is a data transfer fee and program setup fee they also charge. Personally I consider it slightly shady but they do clearly advertise that the 50$ only covers the install and the rest of it costs extra. So those places could also be doing that.
  4. Ok yeah you're probably correct and I just read the post wrong. It's probably just a clean install of windows 7 for $40 that makes more sense. Thanks for all the help from everyone.
  5. If you have a business tax id or one you can borrow the refurb program from MS is completely free so long as you pass a relatively easy test.

    Also if youre doing this on craigslist. Don't be the cheapest you don't want to deal with cheap people as they are the absolute worst clients and you'll hate yourself.

    You can get a set of free business cards from Vista print , free web services from Amazon web services for 12 months if you keep it small and basic. You can get a free url from no-ip, .tw, ect. Also there are plenty of places that are cheap for shared hosting. My clients seem to like a place called IX.

    At this point ya look like a real business and it makes it all that much easier to make money.
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