SSD with photoshop and local server?

Hi everyone!
I just added an ssd (samsung 840 evo, 250gb) to my pc, and moved my windows installation there.
Now, I was wondering if I can keep running photoshop (as it creates big cache files on the disk) there, and my local Wamp server, considering I often change and add files to it?
WOuld these applications kill my ssd sooner than expected?
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  1. the 'scratch disk' for photoshop (cashed files)

    Is best used on a solid state as that speeds up the quick access time for temporary effects layers ect.
    But depending how often you use the program, yes its probably (other than running a business server using solid states) the quickest way possible to burn through life cycles of a solid state. Normally for advid users of photoshop, you pick up a 32-64gb ssd just for a scratch disk.

    But if your not in the business of photoshop, and use it as leisure family type stuff, you will be more than fine using the ssd for photoshop and windows.
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    More writes do decrease the longevity but most people won't hit that limit before upgrading their drive. It would probably be fine to keep it on the 'C' drive, but you can specify a different location for your scratch drive under 'Preferences->Performance' or something similar depending on your version.
  3. Thanks for your help!
    What about the local server, too many writes because of that? You know, mysql, and so on.
  4. enterprise ssd's are made solely for this. Most business either use massive amounts of hhd's in raid or several ssd's in raid depending on size of storage needed. Good thing about ssd's is that longevity and lifespan are known, vs hhd's its more or less a guessing game.

    Enterprise drives have been coming down in price, I believe intels new 730 series to be the best budget enterprise drive. These drives aren't as fast as the Samsung 840 pro and such, but write endourance just spanks traditional consumer drives.
  5. I use PS for my work so I picked the old hdd as scratch disk. Now the only issue is I have to run PS as administrator every time, or it won't be able to write on that disk, but nothing tremendous :)
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