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Hello all,

I am looking at a complete new system.
E8400 3GHz
3GB Ram
HD 5750 GPU

Now getting
G2030 Intel CPU
8GB 1333 Ram
500W PSU

I'm looking for a graphics card that would support HDMI 3D as I have a blu ray player, also looking for something that would get me better FPS, playing Dayz (depending on the server) I range from 15-30 FPS.

Also looking at playing the Batman Arkham series game on my PC. Don't have a big budget, but will be looking to purchase parts from auction sites so all I'm looking for is suggestions that would fit my above needs and been in the budget category.

Any help would be appreciated.


Also are double din GPU's THAT much better than single?
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  1. The Arkham games play fairly well even on a HD6670 so your HD5750 should still be good enough for that.

    I would simply start with reusing your existing HD5750 in your new PC and see if you still feel like you really need a new GPU after that.

    What is the actual model of that 500W PSU? Most people here would not use a Diablotek or other highly questionable brand PSU even if they were paid to pick it up... even less so a used one. So, unless you got a high-quality used unit, whatever you paid may have been too much.
  2. I've recently secured a Corsair CX500M opened but unused. £30

    Do you think the upgrade of CPU and RAM would increase the FPS of the current graphics card? Will it give better performance with the new components?
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    If you use Process Explorer or open the Catalyst Control Center's performance page to look at GPU load with games running, you will probably find out that your E8400 rarely pushes enough workload on the GPU to push GPU load much beyond 60%.

    Most modern games are still heavily dependent on single-threaded performance and the E8400 is showing its age.

    My previous PC had an E8400 and HD5770 in it and was having a hard time maintaining 50+ fps with frequent dips in the 30-40fps range when there is lots of stuff happening on-screen. Process Explorer was showing a GPU load of only 50-60% so the CPU was clearly the limiting factor. On my i5-3470, the same HD5770 manages a steady 60fps (vsync) most of the time which is far more pleasant.

    Trying your old GPU in your new PC does not cost you anything extra. That's why I recommend you simply try it and see what you get - an E8400 is definitely not letting you get the most out of it so you might be surprised by how much of an improvement you actually get. Worst case, you can still order a new card and pick your new card with the benefit of hindsight from having seen the best your existing HD5750 can really do.
  4. Thank you for your help and advice :)
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