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Normally when i restart or turn on my computer it starts up normally but sometimes (uncommonly) it will pop up with this display linked below. Can someone tell me what it is because i am not sure, but i thought it would be something to do with my graphics card but thats just a guess.

Thanks in advance! Sorry for the sun in the pic but all there is, is the red and green lines, the rest is black.

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  1. Is that a Samsung 305T?
    I had a couple, that failed. Samsung no longer services them.
    That image looks like a precursor of failure to me.
    If the monitor is still under warranty, get it serviced asap.

    Otherwise, such artifacts come from an overheating TCON board.
    Do what you can to add some cooling to the monitor's parts.
  2. Well, it's not a 305T, it's a S24B300 and the warranty is gone. After about 10 - 20 seconds the screen will go off and the log on screen will load and everything is fine. So your saying its the monitor is the issue? It is old after all.
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    I think the monitor is the problem.
    Can you try it on a different pc?

    Possibly try it on a different graphics adapter port.

    The good news is that eventually it does work.
    I saw that pattern before my monitors finally failed.
    I would be prepared to send it in for repair.
    Samsung charges you $150 for a repair, assuming they still can do it.
  4. Thanks for the help will try different graphics adapter port!
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