ASUS VS247H-P isn't running at 75hz?

Rencently i have replaced my old dell monitor with a ASUS VS Series VS247H-P. I have read online in tomshardware that if i use a DVI-D cable, i would be able to run this monitor at 75hz instead of 60hz. So i went ahead and bought a DVI-D cable, soon i found out that i wasn't able to select 75hz on my monitor after plugging in the DVI-D cable. I am running a i5 2500 and a 560ti, does anybody have a idea on why i cant run at 75hz?
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  1. That monitor is not 75Hz, it's only 60Hz.
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    I'm pretty sure the Asus VS247H-P isn't a 75hz monitor.

    Did you see it in this thread? Because the guy in this thread got everything about the monitor wrong. It's also a TN panel, not IPS like he said.
  3. Yeah that was the thread i read. Money wasted on cable for nothing xD. Anyways thanks for responding, now i know that its 60hz
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