Upgrading to a new SSD, installing the OS by USB and wiping the old hard drives.

I am trying to upgrade to an SSD.
I currently have a 64GB SSD, containing the OS (Windows 7 Home Premium), and a 1TB HDD. I want start fresh on a 500GB SSD, which I have just bought (the Samsung 840 EVO). This would mean wiping all of the files on my existing storage devices, installing the new SSD, and running everything from that.
What would be the best way to wipe the existing hard drives, install the new SSD and install windows on it?
I have no optical drive, so must install the OS by USB (which I have done previously, so still have the USB and the product key etc.).
One option would be to just unplug (would this harm the PC?) the existing storage devices, insert the boot drive and the new SSD and install the OS onto the EVO as if it were in a new computer. However, If possible, I would like to wipe the existing drives so I can use them later, without being clogged up by the old files. Would this be better to do before or after I install the new SSD? or should I bother doing it at all?
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    You can either clone the existing SSD to the new one, or you can do replace the existing one with the new one & do a fresh install of Win7 on it.

    Some new SSDs come with software to clone your old drive or even coupons/keys for them (Acronis is a nice one that will let you create a USB boot drive for standalone disk imaging). That will save you from having to load drivers & programs again onto the new one. I would recommend it as the overall fastest way to get your same "old" system but with the newer drive capacity. For cloning, all you should have to do is put the new SSD in the spot of the 1TB hard drive, boot up with the cloning software, and then clone from your old SSD to the new one. Then replace the old SSD with your new one, and reconnect your 1TB drive. Donate the old 64GB to a laptop or something else.
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