Finished with build just confirming it's all good and compatiable

This is my first build and i want to make sure it is good to go.

So i will be purchasing this build just making sure it is all compatible

I feel like i will need a bigger psu like a rm850 but not sure if i need that

I noticed some ram is for 1155 and others for 1150 i have 1150 MB and processor but the processor it 4th gen i7 and not sure if corsair vengeance will work

I just found out that the "K" for the processor is for overclocking and I wont be overclocking it so do i need the i7-4790k or can i just get the i7-4790?
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    If you are not overclocking, you won't need the K version CPU. You also won't need such a high end Z series motherboard. Any decent H87 or H97 motherboard will work perfectly. For the power supply, unless you plan to SLI two graphics cards in the future, you should get a 600W to 650W seasonic or XFX unit. 750 is already too much overkill for a single 770 system.
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