I am missing sound driver with Windows 7 on my PC Fujitsu Siemens P320 Intel 2.8GHz 512 MB 80 GB. What should I install as I c

Since I installed Windows 7 Home Premium English version I have no sound and I had sound with XP previously using a thin cable from my screen to a green ring port on the front of my tower. Now that doesn't work either.
My screen is an EYE-Q Front Line with speakers built-in on the front.

Also my screen saver doesn't work and Windows states I need a newer video card that is also compatible with Direct 3D. What should I install to fix this problem too? I tried several sites but could not install them. Preferably free downloads as I am retired. Many thanks
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  1. You might try the Fujitsu US Technical Support page. I did a manual search for P320 and the results should be listed, unless the page expires. We can't really help you further without more specific information about the computer you are trying to find drivers for.

    Here is a link to the main Fujitsu US Support site.

    It is unlikely that your video card is incompatible with Direct3D. Since you just installed Windows 7, it is most likely you need a driver for your graphics device in the computer. Upon the installation of Windows, it is normal to find that only a generic graphics driver is used, if the hardware is not recognized during the installation process. In the case of audio device not functioning, either a generic driver will be used when possible, or no driver at all will be used, at which point you must provide your own, even for minimal functionality.

    It is recommended when installing your operating system, to first collect any necessary drivers, and in the case of upgrading to a newer OS, make sure that there are even drivers available, or you may be left with only a partially functioning computer. Networking drivers are often overlooked as well, and can prevent people from finishing their reinstallation if they have no convenient access to another computer.
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    The Best answer would be . .. search your mother board model.. or try to download zcpu for the complete information of your motherboard.. and when you found it.. try collecting all the drivers needed by your motherboard into the site where your hardware are created.. for ex/. HP 2000 - you have to search HP 2000 64bit for windows 7.. google will do to recognize your keyword and bring you to your drivers needed such as Audio.. Graphics or Networks.. If this Helps try to pick me as your solution. :) happy to serve// Just PM me after you pick me up. :D
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