Case has usb 2.0 and mobo has 3.0

I was wondering if the usb 3.0 ports on my mobo ( will accept these usb 2.0 ports on my case ( Kinda like you can use SATA II cords/hard drives and plug em into SATA III ports on your motherboard.
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  1. No, it won't work. You will have to plug your front panel USB 2.0 into your motherboard's USB 2.0 header.

    You could buy something like this to get USB 3.0:
  2. wolverine96 said:
    No, it won't work.

    You could buy something like this to get USB 3.0:

    Sorry I just looked on the motherboard post, and it says there are 6 internal usb 2.0, could I just use those and go with out built in usb 3.0? (There are 2 usb 3.0 on the motherboard rear panel.)
  3. Which motherboard is it?
  4. wolverine96 said:
    Which motherboard is it?
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    Yes, you can connect the USB 2.0 ports from the front panel to the motherboard's USB 2.0 header, and use the USB 3.0 on the back. You could also buy something like this for USB 3.0 on the front:
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