Running one program on a hard drive vs several programs?

So I was wondering if running just one program on a hard drive vs multiple programs (e.g. running Windows, several programs at once, etc.) on a hard drive, you get better speeds from that one program, than if it had Windows and others running on top of it?

Why I ask, is I have an SSD for programs and Windows, but sadly it's a 120GB, so you can't really hold MMOs and big games and the like on them, because it'll fill fast. Well, I have 2 other hard drives and such, and the one that I have a game on, is practically the only program running.

Anyway, by doing the above, do you get increased speeds at all? or would it be the same? I'm running this game, and back when I had everything on a hard drive (including the game) the loading time took quite a long time, but now since it's the only program, I swear the speeds have increased. Of course it's no SSD, but still...

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    You would get faster load times because it's the only thing on that particular drive so there is nothing else pulling data from the drive. the speed increase wouldn't be huge. As far as game performance, you'll probably not see any FPS increase at all.
  2. Yeah ok, that's what I was looking for, plus I kinda thought anyway. Also, I'm not worried about game performance increase such as FPS.

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