is my Hard Drive broken?

so i have a windows 8 computer XPS 8500 and i was using my computer as normal and all of the sudden "MY DELL" popped up saying i have two failed parts of my hard drive . One being the Targeted Read Test and the other being the Smart short self test. and all i want to know is if i need to buy a new hard drive and if i do how can i make a back up? (sorry im new to these things. ive never had this happen.)
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    Yep, if you're getting SMART drive errors, you probably will have a drive failure in the future. I would look at getting another hard drive soon & make some backups right away. Use drive imaging software (like Acronis True Image - to image your drive to a new one.

    Find a computer buddy to help if you don't feel comfortable hooking up two drives to your computer to image from possibly failing drive to the new drive.
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