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I'm a huge PC gamer, but my 4 years old computer can't really handle most new games such as Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 or Metro: Last Light. A friend of mine is looking to sell his computer for 750$ (Including mouse, keyboard, speakers and operating system). Here's a part-picker: . Some parts are missing because he didn't include all of them on the website ( My question is: Will this build really be able to run pretty much every new game maxed out with no lag? Thank you!
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  1. Ehh, no. A GTX 560 ti is old now. However, the rest of the system is capable of playing maxed out, just not that gtx 560 ti.
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    No, that would not run all of those games maxed out with no lag. You would need to spend about $1000 CAD on just the tower (no monitor, mouse keyboard, OS, etc.) to play those games at max settings since those are some of the hardest games to play at max settings right now.

    Another question, is the CPU in the build a x-63000 or a fx-4350? The pcpartpicker and the ad have different things. If it is a fx-6300 then it is not a terrible deal (mainly because of the accessories) but the GPU is out of date.
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