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Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to replace the HDD that my Y510p came with with an SDD and if it had a second HDD slot, or if the Ultrabay is capable of running a second HDD. Assuming there's some form of tray/platter that I'd have to buy seperately to get that to work, but never the less.

I know that mine comes with a 24gb Cache - is it possible to replace that mSata with a larger mSata that isn't cached?

Also, as a side note, my Y510 keeps crashing Sims 3 saying it's "Run out of memory", and occasionally blue screens after that. I've increased the size of my virtual ram [on top of the 8gb I already have] to be up to 16gb of virtual ram - but that hasn't solved the problem. Any other options in that field?
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  1. Hello I had the exact same questions when I purchased my Y510p.

    The 24 GB SSD is actually the new M.2 format. I have been searching for an update for quite some time and the only one available currently is found on Amazon by a "meh" brand. The length is 42mm.


    You can replace the hard drive with an SSD.

    You can get a Ultrabay to add another hard drive which can also be an SSD.

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