High FX-8350 Socket Temp

I overclocked my fx-8350 to 4.3 GHZ then I stress tested it using prime95 and the socket temp was 70C while core was 52C. I then stopped the test knowing that max socket was 70C. How can I reduce socket temps? the socket temp is supposed to be around 10 degrees over core but is 18 in the test.

AMD FX-8350
ASUS m5a99fx pro r2.0
CM hyper 212 evo
EVGA gtx 770 SC
Crucial Ballistix sport 8GB 1600mhz
WD blue
NZXT Phantom 410
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  1. 70c is fine for that chip, especially overclocked, dont worry about it until it goes over 80c.
  2. Looks like a normal temp for trying to cool an overclocked FX-8350 with just a hyper 212. If it hits the thermal margin it should throttle the clock down to save itself from burning up.
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  3. Strap a fan to your vrm heatsink and/or the back of the cpu socket if your case allows it.
  4. on a m5a99fx pro r2.0 which heat sink is the vrm one?
  5.,G-2-377714-22.jpg if this is your board, the blue heatsink above and to the left of the cpu socket is the vrm heatsink. it doesnt have to have a fan directly on it, it just needs some airflow.
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    The one you want to concentrate the airflow on is the longer one to the left of the CPU socket with the row of capacitors. The heatsink below the socket is the southbridge which doesn't get hot.

    edit: From what I've been able to gather from testing the CPU temperature in hwmonitor seems to be closely if not directly related to the VRM temperatures. Stability seems to go out the window past 78-80c so try to keep it at or below 75 in stress testing. You can take it further but I can't recommend it.
  7. when stress testing 4.3GHZ it reached upwards of 75C... it seems as if this is hot for a hyper 212 evo....
  8. Whats your vcore under load?
  9. 1.248-1.26
    here should be an image of hwmonitor when the cpu was at 70C in case that is of any use .
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