BOOTMGR compressed, can't run XP CD because CD-ROM is broken

Hi, I compressed my C drive on which I have my Windows XP OS. Now, all I am getting is "BOOTMGR compressed press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart". I can't use my CD ROM on the desktop because it is broken but I did copy and paste the XP OS files from CD on to my external HD using my laptop. After copying the XP files on to my external HD, I have connected the external HD to my affected desktop via USB port and changed the first booting device to USB drive in the BIOS set-up but still getting the same "BOOTMGR press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart" msg.
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    Never compress a system partition!

    Using copy/paste to copy files from a bootable CD to an external HDD won't work to achieve a Windows installation because it doesn't make the external drive bootable.

    You cannot copy the boot image from a CD by copy/paste because it's invisible. The boot image on a CD is copied only when you perform a CD-to-CD copy using burning software, or create a disc image from a master CD and burn that to another CD).

    You need to install a working CD drive so you can install Windows from the CD.
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