1200 Budget gaming computer build Need help

Just wandering if any pros could make this build any better.

Trying to play games like planetside 2 with NO LAG AT ALL!!

like ever.

let me know
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  1. that will run those games max settings just fine, the only thing that could be made better is getting 1866 ram, but that wont really make much of a difference.
  2. could you give me an example of ram and price if you can?

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    I would like more input from others as well.
  3. LOL, that isn't a budget gaming rig, that is a mainstream to high end rig.

    It's good, GTX 780 is powerful so no lag at 1080P.
  4. I ment like 1200 is my budget... lol but yeah I agree with you.
  5. Awesome thanks danbuscus25.

    Also I am wondering if my monitor is good enough or matters with lag in game?

    I currently have a LCM-22w3 westinghouse
  6. that monitor is fine.
  7. Any thoughts on the cpu I picked for games like APB and planet side 2 no lag ever?
  8. Best answer
    it should be just fine.
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