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Hey guys i was wondering if i get a 17 inch laptop is that too big to bring to school? Should I stick with a 15 inch laptop. These laptops are all mainly for gaming, but can be used for school use. Also, please just tell my which is better never mind the specs (already know msi is better) based on the screen size, weight, cooling, and which is better for the money. Thank You!
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    Yeah, stay with 15 inch. It's not worth 2 inches just for a larger screen.
  2. I do not think 17 inches is too big, Gaming wise ( You said no specs, but your incorrect ) The Asus has a bit faster processor, and More Ram, the only thing the MSI has is a little bit better graphics, but the graphics need resources to back it up. Personally i would go with the asus MSI (2.7ghz quadcore, with 2GB or dual channel ddr3) Asus (3.4ghz Quadcore, 12GB single channel ddr3) Dual Channel ram is not as fast as 4GB increase of the same type. Also the processor on the asus is alot faster.

    Weight wise 2 pounds and 2 inches isn't alot. neither of them are over 10 pounds total weight, so... The only thing better about the MSI is it has a 3GB video card.
  3. Keep in mind he's bringing his laptop to school. 17' is heavy and huge to carry around a classroom.
  4. Really? lol Once again 2 inches and 2.2 pounds. Asus ( 9.9 pounds ) MSI ( 7.7) 2.2 pounds isn't a big difference,unless you're comparing Heavier total weights than 10 pounds.
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