Is this new build fast enough?

I just finished building myself a new PC. I got an old Dell Precision 390 for $10. A Radeon 4670 for $14. A new motherboard for a Dell Precision T3400 for $18. An Intel E8400 cpu for $11. A 1 TB Western Digital Hard drive free. 4GB PC2 6400 ram for $10 and a DVD burner for $10 making the total $73.00 Passmark Performance test puts it at 1680 points. Is that a good deal?
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  1. for less than 80 bux yeah it will do... you are gonna be a little pushed when you try new AAA games but it will play games like starcraft, gta sa, mass effect very to fairly well.
  2. look good for the cost
  3. Thanks, I don't play games.
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    well in that case it will do everything you want. it may be a little sluggish for some things but it will still do them.
    i would suggest you spend a little on some decent fans and a good cpu cooler. you really will appreciate a quiet pc if your gonna watch movies or just sit and type for that matter.
  5. The Dell Precision T3400 comes stock with a 140mm cpu fan that only throttles up when the cpu gets hot, which is never. The only thing you can hear on this PC is a very faint sound of the Video card fan. The Video Card is a Radeon 4670 IceQ HIS card. Very good heatsink and very efficient gpu. The gpu never gets over 43 degrees and the fan runs at 18% which is about 600 rpms. In fact nothing in the PC gets over 47 degrees even when running benchmark programs. It is a rock solid machine. I started this thread to get a conversation going about truly inexpensive builds. People think that $500 is an inexpensive build. I am using an i5 laptop with 8GB of ram that I bought for $165 used. When I got it it still had a couple of weeks left on the 1 yr warranty. That is the kind of savings you can get if you by smart and by used. If I had $500 to throw away on a bulid I would build an i7 machine with a good video card. I got a Radeon 5830 for $21 last year. I could have bought a GTX 660 a few days ago for $46 but that is too expensive for me. I have build many hundreds of PC's since 1993. I sell a complete PC similar to what I just built for around $80.
  6. hey if you can make a couple of bux here and there by recycling older parts good luck to ya. i have done the same in the past.
    i do find it a bit laughable on here sometimes with the prices some are willing to pay for no perceivable benefits...
    oh il get 80 fps instead of the 75 i get now if i buy this £700 gpu, completely forgetting there running on a 60hz screen so they only ever see 60 fps anyways.
    then theres the old chestnut i have a core 2 duo with a 4870 what can i do to play modern games. my advice is often buy a used core 2 quad if the motherboard can handle it for £50.
    only to be followed by a dozen people saying by an i3 or an i5 for £250+ completely oblivious to the fact if some 1 is using a 10 year old pc theres probably a reason for it. either they dont care to or they cant afford to spend 250+.
    a core 2 quad is still a good gaming part especially if its a q6600 or better and will give you all the fps in i5 will for way less money if you dont throw a 300+gpu at it and expect miracles.

    anyways im gonna stop there before this turns into a rant :)
    btw $46 for the 660 was a good deal. especially if you were to pair it with a core 2 quad 2.6 or better.
  7. I almost bought a Xeon x3353 the other day for $26. It will run in my PC with socket 771 mod. Wish I woulda bought it. Next time i find one for under $30 I'm gonna grab it.
  8. yes it will work:
    read this to find out more and if you are going for it get a better cooler for the CPU
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