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I recectly updated my ibuypower GAMER EXTREME BB677SLCK with windows 8.1. I installed and shut down. The next day I moved computer (safely, in original packaging with foem material) to new place. When I turned it on it's now stuck on "preparing automatic repair" been on that for half hour or so before restarting , plugging and re-plugging. Either way no interface won't read discs either. What can I do?
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    Upon next boot up please tap F8 repeatedly to go into safe mode. Once in, go to computer properties and select system protection. Under that go to system restore. Find the last system restore point and revert to this point it time prior to your update. It should place your computer back into it's last working status. From here try this link:

    Just follow the steps to make sure you have no system image corruption. Then perform the update and see if issue persists or not. It's a lot of work but there aren't any better options I can recommend. Please keep us updated and good luck!
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