Old GPU (GTS 250), keeps overheating

So I can run all the games I want to on max settings, and it doesnt lag or anything. But my GPU goes from its normal 70-80 temp, to a skyrocketed 100+ (I've seen it hit 120 before a forced restart)

I'm getting a new computer in a few months, but until then, is there some quick easy fix to tide me over until such time? Friend of mine seems obsessed with TIM whenever I bring up heating issues, so I thought about replacing that, but what would you do? (Short of just replacing the system =p)
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  1. theres probably too much dust accumulated inside your computer. Clean it all out
  2. Already cleaned the computer. And thats enough for some games to an extent.
    ie: I had to run SC2 on low settings pre-clean. Can go up to medium/high post clean, but I used to max it out with no issues and no heat problems.

    I'll try picking up some Thermal paste and doing that.
    I've heard its best to remove the TIM with cotton swabs and apply it with a folded coffee filter because its lint free. Is that accurate? First time changing the TIM on a GPU, so I'm just want to know before I go and botch my GPU =p

    Edit: I've also seen someone using a Q-tip to spread the TIM, and a microfiber cloth with 90% isopropyl alc to remove it. Is that better?
  3. tea urchin said:
    Dismantle the card with a set of philips zero size screw drivers, clean the graphics chip and memory chips with Thermal Interface Material remover (TIM Clean) and re paste them with a decent cpu thermal compound.
    Net time; one hour.

    Any particulars about how to clean/reapply TIM? Is what I posted below accurrate? Heard good things about Liquid Pro.
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